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“Once Bitten, Twice Live”

Book two from ‘The Blood of the Infected’ series

When death is the best option, survival is no longer enough…

With a growing realization that their continued existence bestows upon them a debt to humanity, the survivors look to create a cure for the insanity that has brought civilization to its knees. But that only encourages disagreement and infighting, and comes at a heavy price, bringing various shocks and surprises.

Tensions amongst the vampires are escalating, jeopardizing the very existence of the clan itself. A battle for supremacy seems inevitable and their future is in the balance. How far will Farzin go to achieve his aims – domination of the vampires and humans alike? And how terrible will his vengeance be against any who stand in his path? Their interaction with the humans threatens to increase and not necessarily for the benefit of either group.

“Once Bitten, Twice Live”


As his mother’s teeth fixed firmly upon his arm it was not the pain that he had felt initially but the shock; total, numbing shock and disbelief. For the briefest of moments he had not reacted. He just stared at her as she sank her jagged teeth into him. Those teeth had been responsible for nibbling loose ends of thread while darning his jumpers when he was a child. Those teeth had, all his life, been flashed at him in a loving and ready smile. Those teeth were now tearing his flesh, sinking into his forearm and bringing with them his doom…

Once bitten twice live book
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