A Few Questions…

A: I know what you mean. However, it’s an oft-quoted line that there are only ever variations on 7 different types of story, so in effect every novel you read is a bit of a cliché. My books cover a subject that has possibly been done to death (if you’ll pardon the pun.) But I hope I bring enough of a fresh angle to it that readers will be intrigued. I have combined the vampire and the zombie, and redefined them both.

A: I always like a book or film to ring true, even if based on fantasy. If you are going to bend the rules of physics, such as in “The Matrix”, then you have to explain it. I have a problem with creatures such as vampires that have a tangible body but no reflection in a mirror. So I wanted to rewrite this genre with a scientific basis, and give the vampire some realism – hence Dystopian Gothic Realism. I think the books will be different from any others you’ve ever read.

A: Not really. I hope that my stories are a lot more gritty, and might appeal to those who loved Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, but also to old fans of Twilight or Vampire Diaries who now want something a lot darker. Also, for zombie fans who want that little bit more realism, and ever wondered, what would happen if a vampire and a zombie met down some dark alley?