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303, 2017

Best Place to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse… Apparently.

According to one apocalyptic expert, the best place to survive the zombie apocalypse is in a home furnishings store in deepest darkest Devon, in SW England... Apparently. Read this article to find out why: and prepare yee the end of the world... Don't say I didn't tell ya. Antony J. Stanton Author of post-apocalyptic thrillogy "Once Bitten, Twice Die" [...]

203, 2017

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping – part seven – Viva l’Aventure

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping - part seven - Viva l'Aventure! Perhaps at this moment it is time for a brief interlude. The story of how I ended up being kidnapped in the first place was actually, really rather interesting too. So, permit me briefly to digress… As I think I mentioned before, I had been working in Almaty in my capacity [...]

2802, 2017

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping – part six – the Fascinating Meli

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping - part six - the Fascinating Meli An hour or so later and I was sat on the plane. A mature, petite and elegant lady sat next to me. As the plane left the ground I heaved a huge sigh. The stress must have been etched into my features as she asked me what was wrong. We [...]

2302, 2017

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping part five – into Uzbekistan

For some reason there were three other cars at the border. They seemed to have nothing to do with the kidnappers although I still have no clue what they were doing there at that time. I approached them and asked for a cigarette (they were smoking – obviously). One spoke a little English so I explained my situation to him [...]

1902, 2017

Kazakhstani Kidnapping – Part four – a Risky Gamble

The arguing amongst them continued, for a while. Fists were shaken and voices raised. The one who seemed to be in charge was still angry, but the two empathic ones definitely seemed to be fighting my corner. Or so I hoped. Finally, they handed me my rucksack, and $20, (which they then changed to $10). To me this meant life. [...]

1602, 2017

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping – part three – Comply Until Death

...My captors spoke no English, but I understood there was some kind of hierarchy, as though they were in the military or the police. I also understood that the best thing was to comply. Comply with their every request. Comply, right up until that moment when I thought I was about to die. And then I would fight for my [...]

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