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1907, 2017

Interested in Acting in Imminent TV Adaptation of Bestselling Thriller?

Hi, I don't suppose anyone is interested in an acting role in an imminent TV adaptation of a horror/thriller trilogy? My bestselling, award-winning books - vampires and humans battling for survival against the crazed and wrathful infected in a post-apocalyptic wasteland - are set to be adapted for a TV series. Negotiations with a major media production/distribution company are currently [...]

207, 2017

Update: TV adaptation of “Once Bitten, Twice Die” – Imminent!

Hi, I have been a little busy lately writing the synopsis for the potential TV adaptation of "Once Bitten, Twice Die" hence have not posted here for a while. So just a quick update for now... I just spoke yesterday to the producer from the production company interested in taking my books to the big screen. He has been in [...]

2203, 2017


Hi all, hoppe you are enjoying the first glimpse of spring. So, the book cover for my third book, "Twice Bitten, Twice Die" has made it into a competition. It's quite a big thing. Voting for round one takes place from today - 22-29 March. If it gets through to round two then there's another vote in April. If you [...]

1303, 2017

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping – part 9 – The KGB

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping - part 9 - The KGB Anyway, I digressed. Back to Meli. I bade Meli goodbye as she arranged a taxi for me and agreed an honest price with the driver. Within minutes of the hour-long journey back to the border the driver was already ‘re-negotiating’ that honest fare. This re-negotiation did not let up ALL journey, [...]

903, 2017

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping – part 8 – Vodka Terrorism

My Kazakhstani Kidnapping - part 8 - Vodka Terrorism First I found myself in a small photography shop. This was where the official wedding photos would be taken. A man had a basic camera on a tripod, there was a multi-coloured crepe-paper background, and that’s pretty much it. Gradually all the wedding guests were ushered in for their photos. In [...]

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