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611, 2017

Going to meet Hollywood TV Producer This Week

Going to meet Hollywood TV Producer This Week Hi all, just a quick update - cortrary to my continuous pessimism, the TV adaptation of my books is still an ongoing and ever-present possibility. And looking more and more likely. Whenever anyone asks, I always say - 'While it is still possible, I still doubt anything will actually ever come of [...]

2310, 2017

Turning my Books into Comic Books

Hi, An interesting little development has just occurred; a French publisher has expressed rather a lot of interest and excitement in the prospect of translating my books into French and publishing in France. This is obviously great news, but not only that, they are keen to develop my story into comic books as well. I understand that comic books are [...]

2210, 2017

Making a New Audiobook

HI, I have just released the audiobook for my first book, “Once Bitten, Twice Die”. I am fortunate enough to have a friend who is a music composer/producer, and he offered to assist in making the recording. I have some previous voiceover experience, and so jumped at the opportunity. I was excited to create an audiobook of my novels, and [...]

2010, 2017

Audiobook of “Once Bitten, Twice Die” now available

I have just published my audiobook of "Once Bitten, Twice Die", book one from 'The Blood of the Infected' trilogy. The audiobook is narrated by myself, and is available just in time for Halloween. If you like zombies or vampires, thrillers, post-apocalyptic novels, or just a damn good page-turner, but don't have time to read, then why not give it [...]

109, 2017

Move over ‘The Walking Dead’ – here I come…

Hi all, I have just noticed - two of my books are now being sold as paperback on the Waterstones website - awesome news. Also, negotiations with the Hollywood producer (and various of the USA's major media distribution corporations) are really hotting up... in a 'glacial' kinda way. I gather these things take time, but it's slowly inching closer to [...]

1907, 2017

“Once Bitten, Twice Die” by Antony J. Stanton Chapters 1-3

"Once Bitten, Twice Die" by Antony J. Stanton Book one from 'The Blood of the Infecte' series The end of the world was just the beginning... CHAPTER 1 This is the end. The thought was only fleeting. In reality the end had been and gone a long time before. Sinna had warned him not to do anything stupid, but here [...]

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