2911, 2015

“Once Bitten, Twice Die”, #3 best-selling vampire thriller on Amazon

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Not long published, but "Once Bitten, Twice Die", book one from the best-selling post-apocalyptic thriller series seems to be making quite a mark. Already it has reached the #3 best-selling position on Amazon, and it has attracted the attention of a Hollywood producer, interested in turning the thrillogy into a TV series. A British version [...]

2711, 2015

“ONCE BITTEN, TWICE DIE” – Chapter one – Exert five

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Abbott had served in three war zones and accumulated several medals for his efforts. He had witnessed death, both amongst his own troops and the enemy and was on first name terms with it. Recent dealings however were all very new and strange. Perhaps in times before he might have been more traumatized by this [...]

2611, 2015

“ONCE BITTEN, TWICE DIE” – Chapter one – Exert four

2016-10-13T15:41:28+00:00November 26th, 2015|

‘Anything stupid’ - did that include allowing Campos to persuade him it was safe to leave the vehicle after there was no reply to their shouting? Did that include going into the house even though Abbott knew it was lunacy to be confined in such close quarters? If only Sinna knew how stupid he had [...]

2511, 2015

“ONCE BITTEN, TWICE DIE” – Chapter one – Exert three

2016-10-13T15:41:28+00:00November 25th, 2015|

Abbott had left the relative safety of RAF Headley Court earlier that afternoon but later than was prudent. Headley Court was a small military station to the north of London, near the town of Bishop’s Stortford. It was a medical establishment specialising in rehabilitation, as well as research and training. Abbott had been driven by [...]

2411, 2015

“ONCE BITTEN, TWICE DIE” – Chapter one – Exert two

2016-10-13T15:41:28+00:00November 24th, 2015|

Abbott’s arms burned. His attacker still showed no sign of tiring. If anything he grew even more frenzied and ironically that may have provided an invaluable reprieve. Death took a reluctant step back and waited, denied its reward for now. As the man thrashed about there was a loud crack. The back legs of the [...]

2311, 2015

“ONCE BITTEN, TWICE DIE” – Chapter one – Exert one

2016-10-25T09:42:24+00:00November 23rd, 2015|

“ONCE BITTEN, TWICE DIE” - by Antony J. Stanton http://www.oncebittentwice.com Available on Amazon CHAPTER ONE   This is the end. The thought was only fleeting. In reality the end had been and gone a long time before. Sinna had warned him not to do anything stupid, but here he was fighting for his life. [...]

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